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Oljčni Bar Šmartno

Urnik september / orario di apertura
Settembre / opening hours September


Torek, sreda / Martedi, Mercoledì /Tuesday, Wednesday

13:00 - 15:00

Četrtek - Ponedeljek/Giovedì - Lunedì/Thursday - Monday 

Samo z rezervacijo/booking required/su prenotazione 

rezervacije/informacije - booking/information 

+386 41 341 149


We offer breakfasts, lunches and catering

At least one gluten free cake is on offer at any time

Our space can accommodate groups from 10 to 50 people 


Locally grown food


Home made desserts


Seasonal cuisine

Olive oil tasting

Olive oil tasting is a journey into correct tasting and evaluation of extra virgin olive oil. Through three different olive oil varieties (or cultivars) we discover the positive qualities (fruitiness, bitterness, spiciness) EVOO must have. The most common defects are also presented. The correct use and food pairings are explained. The tasting ends with a tasty  snack and a tasting portion of house cake - chocolate and walnuts with olive oil with orange. 


Trajanje:  45 minut do 1 ura

Od 1 do 50 oseb

Torek, sreda / Martedi, Mercoledì /Tuesday, Wednesday

11:00 in 16:00

Obvezna rezervacija/booking required

Ponedeljek, Petek, Sobota, Nedelja / Lunedì, venerdì, sabato, domenica /

Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Po dogovoru/su appuntamento/by agreement

Gourmet Olive Oil

Cooking classes

Culinary team-building

The menu is strictly local and seasonal - frtalja, white polenta and ‘’toč’’( with sausages, prosciutto, peas and fennel), from one to three stews (jota, barley, pasta beans, pumpkin, thick tomato soup) and apple cake, old recipe. Active cooking and a pleasant learning experience.

Duration: 3 hours​

From 2 to 20 people

Suitable for companies, organised groups

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